Campbell went over to Vancouver Island to be with his sitters and continue his training. His friends Smore and Tweed are around, so they hang out together while also training together. During Christmas, he made a new friend, a Lagotto named Mortimer, and they had great fun when the snow came. Campbell is getting lots of public training going to stores, offices and parks with his sitter, so he is an expert, especially around food in the stores. Campbell is having amazing adventures on the island.

  • Skills being learned: settling while out in public, recall, public skills while in stores/offices, dog and people manners
  • Recent field trips: boardwalk in Parksville, grocery store, dog parks, doctor and physio offices
  • Possible behavior challenges: distraction while duration and loose leash walking
  • Advanced training location: Vancouver Island  

Thank you again for all your support of Advanced Dog Campbell!

Submitted by: LJ (Laura Jane), Instructor’s Assistant