Life on the farm has been pretty quiet this month. Campbell has been going to puppy classes up here in the Cariboo. Where he is learning to keep his attention on his handler even when there are dogs and horses nearby. It’s muddy up here, so learning the “turn around” command has been really helpful. As he has to pause at the door and get his feet wiped every time he comes in. There’s still lots of snow in the fields, so he’s been snowshoeing with us almost every day, which he loves. Campbell is wonderful to walk, ski and snowshoe with, as he stays close and generally has rocket recall! He’s also grown to love his best friend and mentor, Bowyer, and the kitties, Billie and Bandit. We’re really proud of him because he has learned not to chase the cats, even when they taunt him and race by him on our nightly walks.

Submitted by: Catherine and Ian