Happy Spring, everyone. It’s Campbell here again to tell you about my adventures of late. I am still with my sitter in Parksville, and my adventures continue as well as practicing my basic skills. I am spot on with my sits, stands and downs. But I have to admit I am still having a bit of a hard time with new smells when we go walking in areas I haven’t been to before. All those pee-mails are just so so distracting !! With more practice, I am sure I’ll be able to ignore temptation! 

Smore, Tweed and I were invited to visit a senior’s residence. We all got lots of pats and also showed the residents how good we are at ignoring bits of food on the floor and ignoring each other when we are in our vests and on leash. My sitter’s granddaughter came to visit for a week, and we had lots of snuggles. I tagged along when they went to play mini-golf, and I wasn’t even tempted to chase the golf balls! We also went to the farm a couple of times as Natalie loves to visit the new calves. I thought they looked pretty cute, too and wondered why I wasn’t allowed to go into their pen to play. I did bark at them once but was quickly told to be quiet (oops!) I was very quiet when we went to look at the big cows. 

I’ve also been going to the grocery stores, malls, and my sitter’s meetings. I have met up with Smore and Tweed once a week to practice our skills with different handlers and work in a group without being distracted. The humans often go for coffee after our get-together. We three boys have to settle under the table and totally ignore each other. When we all get up to leave, many people are surprised to see three dogs walking by! We have also been taken for a couple more free runs together. That’s all for now. 

So till next time, 

Woof, woof, Campbell

Advanced location: West Coast (Vancouver Island)

Thank you again for all your support of Advanced Dog Campbell!

Submitted by: Linda, Advanced Training Sitter