Cannoli was just finishing her second heat in March and she was a wee bit lethargic because of the fluctuation in her hormones. She was very snuggly and wanted to be touching us when we were sitting. She is a very affectionate, loving, little girl but she seemed a bit more so during the first few weeks.

Cannoli has adjusted really well to not wearing a cape outside and love, love, loves to work on all of her skills, both new and old. One skill she is really, really, really, awesome at is shedding. We have had a layer of dog fur for a few weeks. It is a good thing she loves to be brushed! Another one of Cannoli’s skills that she is awesome at is “perch”. She will perch on small things, big things, squishy things, and noisy things. She is a professional “percher”!

Submitted By: Crystal & Rod Carle