Cashew is almost 5 months and pushing 40lbs! He’s currently all legs and big paws. Cashew has only developed more confidence as he’s gotten older! This month he not only has mastered riding in the bike trailer-something he was not too sure of before-but has fallen in love with it!

He’s eager to jump in to ride with his raiser to work or, even better, the park. With the extra mobility Cashew has enjoyed going to see new places and having new experiences! When Cashew is at home, he loves a good nap in a sunspot or in his new big crate with his comfy bed, but whenever he is able, he loves to sleep beside or preferably on his raiser as she works from home. In the last month, Cashew has become a serious cuddle bug. ​

He’s come so far from the little guy who went home with his raiser in February, but some things haven’t changed. Cashew is still a play master! He loves to play with anyone that’s willing. Luckily, there are many dogos in the building, and Cashew is an expert friend maker, so he is never short on playmates.

Cashew continues to be eager to learn and explore. His raiser is excited to watch how he grows in May!

Submitted by: Megan