Cashew was super excited to bond and make connections with his dog mates and handlers. He is the life of the party, trying to say hello to everyone all at once. He met his bunkmate, Canary, who had been here for a while, and Canary was showing him the ropes (i.e. How to get more love and cuddles from everyone by wagging their tails). We took it easy over the last little while and didn’t do much besides basic obedience, settling time in the office and playing in the yard. Cashew is a very good boy and is keen to show us his manners that he learned while with his raisers. His current advanced sitters have commented on his empathy and kindness in the home. Cashew loves to hold his chew toys and try to hand them to staff, and while this is very cute, he has also stabbed many people with the sharp end of some Nylabones, haha.

Cashew has adjusted seamlessly to his new advanced sitters and handlers. He is currently on the road with his handler doing remote training while road tripping for the next little while. Cashew has so many sights to see and people to meet on the road. He is doing fantastic, flexible with his environment and an overall swell guy. Cashew’s favorite things are napping in the front seat, eating and long walks. A quirk that we are working on is his dog distraction with other dogs around while on leash and off leash. Cashew does have a decent amount of impulse control when food is involved and is trying his best to reign in her energy when she sees other friends. So far, he’s been doing very well in this department. As time passes, we will see, but Cashew shows that he is dedicated to the cause! Cashew has great house manners, is a joy to be around, and everyone that meets him loves him. Nice work all!

Thanks, everyone, for all your love and hard work with Cashew!

Submitted by: Advanced Training Department