February was a big month for little Cashew. 

He was 14 months old and got the big snip! He did amazing and won everyone over with his upbeat personality. He did have a little infection after but took really well to the medication he was given and was out of the cone in no time! Since his surgery, he’s been back at his training like nobody’s business. He’s working on perch (where he puts his front legs on a raised surface) while performing a side or heal cue! not easy for a dogo. He’s doing really great at maneuvering using only his hind legs. I’m super proud of him, and it’s fantastic to see how eager he is to work work work. 

Cashew’s favorite game right now is finding kibble by unrolling and unknotting a towel. He has become a master, and if a career as a service dog doesn’t work out, he is thinking about going pro. 

Now that Cashew is out of his cone, he has some major march plans, which include some off-leash hikes! More trips around town with his raiser, a few dinners in real restaurants and hopefully, more kibble-filled towels.

Submitted by: Megan