Cashew has grown up so much in the two and a half weeks since coming home with his raisers. For the first week, Cashew wasn’t too sure about his city life. To go outside, he required a little coaxing, and the same went for meeting new people. He found it just too overwhelming and intimidating. Now Cashew can’t get enough! He has become a very confident lil’ pup, and he loves going outside and on adventures. Recently he did a fantastic job riding the SkyTrain for the first time. His favourite spot to visit is at the park, where he can smell everything, run around, and watch all the people and their doggos. His favourite time is playtime, and his favourite treat is carrots-mostly because he thinks they are very fun to play with. He is growing like a weed and continues to amaze his raiser daily!

Submitted By: Megan