It is January, and Cashew is loving the snow! He has been working on his “spin” in puppy class and always working on his puppy manners! But Cashew will tell you that manners are a little tricky when a cute dogo wants to say hello and your raiser hasn’t given you permission! 

Cashew met a cat in the hall this month. He was very curious but made sure to give the kitty some space. After he was very excited and is hopeful to meet her again! 

His new best friend is PADs Parker who works on the floor below Cashew’s raiser. They like to go for walks together and play in the park. 

Other than tug, Cashew’s favorite thing to do is go for an off-leash run at pacific spirit park with his raiser. He’s great to check-in and not go too far. 

Cashew was also the “best dog” at his raiser’s wedding and looked extremely dapper in his puppy bowtie. He’s still the happiest puppy and does his wiggle-butt dance every morning to greet his raiser when leaving his crate. If only we could all love mornings as much as Cashew! 

He continues to bring smiles to everyone who meets him and is thrilled when anyone in the office wants to come to say hi and give him some skritches. 

Submitted by: Megan