Cashew is 7months old! He continues to mature, and his manners continue to develop. He is still the sweetest pup. He spent a day with a PADS sitter who reported he is the happiest pup she has ever watched. Cashew’s tail is constantly wagging…to be more accurate, his entire body is continuously wagging! He hasn’t lost his love for play and taking moments to fun throughout the day.

This month he had his first off-leash trail walk. He did a fantastic job, and by the picture attached, you can see he was a big fan. He loved meeting the different dogs and people on the trail.

Cashew continues to take transit a few times a week and has become really comfortable with it. He needs reminders to stay in a down, but overall he is doing so well and has come so far. He also is a nap master at the office. It has been great watching Cashew learn how to “turn off” in spaces outside the home.

Cashew has discovered his love of baths. Anytime I’m doing something in the tub, he likes to check it out to see if it’s bath time.

Cashew continues to be a pleasure to raise and watch him grow.

Submitted by: Megan