Cashew is 3.5months old and taking on the world! He is growing like a weed, and so is his confidence! Cashew is loving going on daily new adventures. He loves to come with his raiser everywhere. This month they went to the grocery store, on public transit, into the office, the post office, lots of park visits, and he even got to stay in a fancy hotel! Cashew has come leaps and bounds with his comfort level with new people. Cashew originally wasn’t too sure of new people, but now he is happy to say hello, and always hopes someone will want to play with him!

Currently, his biggest grievance is the rain in Vancouver, specifically the puddles. Cashew is not a fan of wet feet, but who is! He’s a snuggly puppy that is very affectionate. His favourite napping spot is by his raisers’ feet while she’s working.

Submitted by: Megan