March is done, and as always, Cashew had a fantastic month! Cashew is loving that his raiser is almost exclusively working out of her office. This has meant lots of people who are so excited to see him and 2 service dogs in the building that he gets to watch, emulate, and admire. 

Cashew is still the happiest puppy on the planet. He shoots out of his crate every morning, wiggling his bum dancing into the new day. He loves to work on his homework first thing in the morning over breakfast. We’re working on duration when there are lots of distractions. It’s really tricky and hard when there is kibble on the ground and people who want to say hi. He’s becoming a zen master with strong focus. But of course, once we’re done, he’s got to wiggle that bum and circle around his raiser with a toy in his mouth so he can show off how proud of himself he is. 

With the world continuing to open up, Cashew has been going out to more cafes and restaurants. Those can be hard places to relax while his raising chats away or reads her book. Slowly Cashew is learning these places are great spots for a nice nap. 

Cashew did his first hospital visit this month with his raiser. He brought a lot of joy and was 13/10 a good boy. He settled nicely and waited for permission from his raiser to say hello to all the people. 

April is going to be another big month. Cashew has a road trip to the inferior coming up that he can’t stop talking about. He also heard he’s going to go on his first plane ride in May! 

Submitted by:  Megan