Cashew is almost 6 months old and growing like a weed! He had an action-packed May.

We went to the beach for the first time with two other PADS dogs in training Angel II and Lotus, where Cashew had the time of his life! He managed to bring back all the sand at the beach! He has been keen to head back since the hot weather rolled in.

We went into lots of stores since Cashew loves coming on outings. We took lots of trips to the grocery store, the library, and my office.
He has become a transit master taking the sea bus, the Skytrain, and the bus this month.

Cashew has also become a master of chill. He is a spicy puppy at heart, but he has found his off button at home and realized his love of naps.
Cashew’s favourite game is still tug. He loves to bring his tire to anyone who might be interested in trying a quick game, but with all the teeth he has lost this month, the tug has become a bit harder for him, but he refuses to quit!

He is a hard worker and loves to learn new cues. This month we are working on side and heel, and he picked up perch very quickly.
He is extremely cuddly and loves spending time with people; he’s a sweetheart and a pleasure to raise.

Submitted by: Megan