Cashew had one heck of an October. It started off with a vet visit after his raiser noticed his face wasn’t looking like his normal handsome self. Poor sweet Cashew swallowed a bee, and as you can see from the photo, it didn’t agree with him! 

Of course, even when Cashew isn’t feeling his best, he always has time to entice his raisers in a tug. Luckily he was looking and feeling like himself within a day or two. I can’t say he’s learned his lesson since he still likes to try to eat bugs. 

Cashew also went on a class field trip to IKEA this October! That was very exciting for him because of all the other PADS doggos there. He managed to keep his cool in front of the older dogs after a duration sit by the couches. After that, he was a champ. He didn’t even try to eat the hotdog on the ground of the food court and managed to calmly ride the elevator with another dog. 

Cashew went to his favourite sitters this month and got to run around off-leash with some other PADS dog which he told me was his highlight of the month.

Submitted by: Megan