Cashew is doing great! He loves going on adventures (more about those adventures below). He is great at keeping his composure in his cape and running like a wild man when he’s on an off-leash release! He is still a major cuddler and likes to nap on his raiser while she reads. His favourite game is and always will be a tug, and he is a firm believer that everyone needs some daily tug time.

Cashew had a big September!
He started the month off with a day trip to Bowen. He took a busy bus to the ferry and impressed everyone with his “go in.” He then had his first ferry ride and did fabulously. From there, he ran around and had the time of his life before heading home and having a major nap. Cashew also accompanied his raiser to the Vancouver Triathlon, where he cheered on the athletes.

He also came along to go apple picking! His highlight of the farm was the goats. Cashew thinks his raiser should have let him in the fenced area so he could have said hello.

And, of course, Cashew insisted on coming along to help his raiser vote!

Submitted by: Megan