Cashew continues to be a fun companion who is focused on his person and his adventures. Wherever his person is, he’d like to be! He has been working on recall, sit, stand, down durations, basic cues, loose leash walking and sniffing (his favourite pastime).

  • Skills being learned: refreshing on “default leave it” exercises
  • Had lots of fun at/in: in the Yukon! 
  • Working on: having fun with his handler 
  • Advanced training location: West Coast

Thank you again for all your support of Advanced Dog Cashew!

Submitted by: Juniper, Instructor’s Assistant 

Bonus pupdate, submitted by: Don, Advanced Training Sitter

Cashew, accompanied Sophie and me on a seven-week journey in our motor home to the Yukon and back. He was an amazing travelling companion. Cashew visited many museums, heritage sites, and native interpretation centres, did many meets and greets along the way, and was an excellent ambassador for PADS. Cashew, well done!