June got off to a good start as we spent some time on Bowen Island relaxing, and Cela got to rest as she was a little under the weather. She then was able to charm sitter CJ while I travelled for work, and things returned to the familiar mid-month, which meant training, going to the forest, playing with pup pals, and more training.

Cela is doing well and trying hard to understand she needn’t meet every dog she encounters! Because she thinks all dogs are meant to be her friend, letting them walk by without interacting has been challenging, but she’s improving! She is relatively easy to train on the basics and her mechanics, with the exception of settling in public settings. I think she has a fear of missing out, so while she is quiet, she is not settled when we are in restaurants or cafes. Thankfully I enjoy going out so we have lots of opportunities to practice!

Submitted by: Sarah Gallagher