I became Cela’s new Raiser early in March, and her solid foundation was amazing to work from. Having only sat Advanced Training dogs for the last 18 months, and I was excited to start puppy class again and brush up on my patience while raising puppy number 3. We got to know each other over the first week, and I was immediately smitten with Cela – she’s energetic with great enthusiasm to learn and to make me laugh. We’ve done lots of training, including a walk and talk with our Puppy Trainer to receive great feedback. Cela cohabitated with PADS Benji for a week as he stayed with us over Spring Break. She accompanied me on a Bowen Island adventure for a few days and came to work, where she charmed co-workers and found her way. To round out the month, Cela stayed with PADS Pinto’s raiser for four days while I was travelling for work, and she did her job! She made another member of the PADS community smitten with this little pup.

Looking forward to the coming year!

Submitted by: Sarah Gallagher