Cherry is coming to live with her new raisers this month! 

In the last month, Cherry has grown up so much it’s incredible! Her walking is fantastic-as long as nothing is blowing in the wind! 

She picks up new cues quickly. She’s affectionate and loves to greet everyone in her raiser’s office. The best part is, her previous raiser works in the same office, so she gets to see him and give him lots of love! 

Cherry is working on the cue to enter and exit the car this month, cooperative grooming, and a bunch of other cues we think she’s ready for!

She’s already met Pads Sadie and Pads Nessa, and her sitter even took her to Pacific Spirit Park with two Pads doggos to rip around with! 

She also went to whistler and had the best time on the trails. She was a superstar and even took the bus from Vancouver! 

Submitted by: Megan