The month we welcomed Cherry into the Advanced Training! She came into the campus ready to play and learn! She loves playing with all her new friends. Cherry and her kennel mate, Sprinter, have been caught multiple times playing around instead of napping.

She has settled in the kennel environment. The only quirk she has presented has been barking when staff members are idle in the kennel room. Cherry is a very intelligent girl, and she will overcome this quickly with some training. Cherry has a wonderful foundation of skills and manners and will only require some work to tighten some of these skills. Cherry was a very curious girl with all the new equipment! She wanted to try everything and anything: paw targets, tug, walking beside the power chair!

She and her advanced sitter have hit it off right away, and they love keeping each other company! Cherry has attended yoga classes, gone on a weekday getaway to the woods and kayaking, and even went to a basketball game!

We are very excited Cherry has joined our team!

Thank you for all your support of Advanced Dog Cherry!

Advanced training location: West Coast 

Submitted by: Leurie, Kennel Coordinator