Cherry is a wonderful and enthusiastic puppy in training and loves to learn and be around people. She’s up early in the morning and eager to start the day with a walk ‘n sniff in the neighbourhood and some training. At the March in-person class, we practiced putting 2 paws on a mat. The following week we practiced this, and Cherry has been acing it! She can easily do front paws on the mat and back paws too! She has also learned to ‘roll over’ (both sides) and ‘jump on.’

Cherry has such a friendly personality and loves to ‘say hi’ when we meet people on the street. She’s even met a few dogs (though from a safe distance).

When she dons the yellow vest, she’s on especially good behaviour and seems to wear it with pride!

Submitted by: Kevin & Emme (sitters for 3 weeks in March)