We are excited to bring you the latest monthly update on Cherry, our dedicated service dog in training. May has been a busy and eventful month for Cherry, filled with valuable learning experiences and fun adventures.

To start off the month, Cherry’s raiser had to go on a trip to Toronto and entrusted her care to a trusted sitter. This period provided an opportunity for Cherry to adapt to new surroundings and work on her ability to adjust to different handlers. She demonstrated great resilience and adaptability during this time, which is an essential trait for a service dog.

Upon returning from Toronto, Cherry dove right back into training and focused on improving her loose-leash walking skills. Walking politely on a loose leash is a crucial skill for service dogs, as it allows them to follow their handlers effectively while maintaining a calm and controlled demeanour. With consistent practice and guidance, Cherry has made noticeable progress in this area. Her commitment and determination continue to shine through in her training sessions.

One of the highlights of Cherry’s month was a visit to her favourite place, Pacific Spirit Park. Accompanied by her best friend and mentor, pads Nessa, an accredited facility dog, Cherry enjoyed a day filled with adventure and companionship. Exploring the park not only provided Cherry with physical exercise but also gave her the opportunity to enhance her socialization skills. Interacting with Nessa, who has extensive experience as a working dog, allowed Cherry to learn valuable lessons and observe the behaviours expected of a seasoned service dog.

Stay tuned for more updates on Cherry’s journey!

Submitted by: Megan