Cherry continues to be a superstar!

She is full of life and jumps out of her kennel every morning, wiggling her bum in excitement to start the day.

She loves going to the office with her raiser. She’s everyone’s favourite co-worker. She even gets to visit with her original raiser and his current pup PADS Mirabel.

This month she went to observe court with her raiser, and was fantastic. The judge was shocked she was even there because she was so quiet.

Her best friend is an Australian Shepard named chilco. She could play tug with him all day!

Currently, she is working on learning side and heel. She is a great loose-leash walker. And she has excellent manners while waiting for her food!

Cherry’s raisers can’t wait to see how November goes. She continues to impress with how much she keeps maturing and learning!

*Photos curiously of Bill, Cherry’s original raiser, who also happens to be a fantastic photographer.

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