Cleat continues to be a confident and chill dog.

He attended two hockey games in December: the Vancouver Giants Teddy Bear Toss and a Canucks game. He was unconcerned as toys rained down on us on their way to the ice at the Teddy Bear Toss. He walked confidently through the crowds at both games.

Cleat is doing well leaving Finnegan’s food and will not eat any leftovers; this a huge improvement! He will voluntarily go into his kennel for a nap and then will wait to be released when he wakes up. His default behaviour is coming along nicely.

We are working on not eating food off the floor; it’s going pretty well. We are working on not sniffing at the shelves in the grocery stores. We are also working on going down stairs; Cleat’s big body sometimes carries him down more quickly than he realizes. Our January task is to improve this.

Submitted By: Jane O’Connor