Cleat spent a week with a puppy sitter this month (planned since 2019) in her classroom. He did very well and proves himself to be a good dog. He likes to work, likes people, and is not stressed when out in public. He went with me to friend’s 50th birthday party at the Tiki Lounge at the Waldorf hotel. He did very well with the many people and loud music. We also had a trip to Granville Island. He was great. He only tried to sniff the fish and cheese a couple of times! He sat quietly while I had lunch and then two young girls came over and greeted him (with permission). They loved him. We went on the small Granville Island ferry too. Captain Cleat was totally chill.

He needs to continue to work on dog distraction especially girl dogs! Cleat is also working on going down stairs. He is a big boy and his weight catches up to him after about five stairs. We stop, wait, and rearrange before proceeding.

Cleat has been with Nikia and Sarah from Thursday Feb 20. I decided I needed a break to allow my brain to continue to heal after my concussion in the fall. He is doing very well with Sarah and Nikia and is getting many great experiences in new settings.

Submitted By: Jane O’Connor