Cleat is currently working on a number of commands, as are the other puppies.  He is very good with the commands “bed” and “kennel” when used verbally.  We are also working on the “It’s your choice” game with bed and kennel – opening and closing a hand with a kibble in it, and he is doing very well with this game.

We have upped the distraction both verbally and with the hand command by having his breakfast or dinner sitting close by when he works.  This is challenging but he is still going to his bed or kennel.

He has been to a couple social distance hangouts with kids and has loved the attention of the children.

Cleat came with me for three days to help give out the hanging baskets.  He was a champ!  He was great with the other volunteers and stayed focused when people drove up to pick up the baskets.  He settled nicely and transferred well to other handlers.

Submitted By: Jane O’Connor