I have been so busy! I’m learning so much, and I am loving exploring the world around me.

I’ve been out and about and am super comfortable in my crate in the car. I’ve even learned to sit and sometimes sleep in the footwell of the car’s passenger side. Car rides are fun because I get to go on adventures.

Here are some of my adventure places this month: Sport Chek, Sobeys, Superstore, Coop, Costco, Hospital, Doctor’s office, Pharmacy, Deli/cafe, 12 ball hockey games, Vet clinic for my vaccines, Groomer – to get my nails trimmed (Hanging out in the groom room for a couple of hours), Hung out at the YMCA foyer for an hour and a half while Auntie chatted with her friend and the Bike store

I was lucky to meet Auntie Dawn, who is Auntie B’s friend. She’s a groomer and invited me to hang out in her ‘groom room’ for a couple of hours. I loved it. I met her beautiful shop dogs, and they hung out with me. I saw some big huge fluffy Samoyeds, and there were so many noises like hair dryers, razors, tub noise, and so much more. I was so busy checking it all out, and then I was just so tired I curled up by the shop dogs and had a snooze. It was such a great time that we came another day. It was a bit different this time because Auntie Dawn put me on this cool table that raises, and she trimmed my nails. I didn’t love it, but I realized it wasn’t that big of a deal once it was done. And Auntie Dawn and the other Groomer, Steph, made such a big deal about how great my paws looked, I think I just might like to try this pedicure thing again. Be sure to check out the photo of me sound asleep in the groom room.

I visited the vet this month at Macleod Trail Animal Hospital, http://mactrailvet.com/ and every human there was so friendly. I couldn’t believe how much attention they gave me. They all greeted me and told me what a great PADS dog I am. On April 13, I weighed 10.5kg which is about 23 pounds. I’ve grown a lot because, on March 21, I was 15 pounds.

It was such a fun experience at the vet, and I was a trooper with my vaccines and didn’t even flinch. Auntie B described that hospital as magnificent. She had never been there before and couldn’t get over how impressed she was. Every staff member was kind, friendly and passionately cared about me. Macleod Trail Animal Hospital is a PADS Calgary sponsor vet, which means they did my puppy exam and vaccines at no cost!!! Auntie B told me that as I get older,r they will do my annual exam and neuters (spaying for my friends), and they did my microchipping! This is absolutely outstanding regarding their clinic, and I think it reflects the special and generous people that make up the hospital.

Remember how last month I shared that I was going to more ball hockey games? Well, there were so many. They are really fun – lots of people of different ages and so many sounds. I love strutting through the crowds to hang out on the bleachers. I just curl up and sleep at Auntie B’s feet. There were lots of different sounds, and some were so loud, but I didn’t notice for the most part because I was asleep.

Wherever I g,o people are always talking about me. I’m starting to feel a bit self-conscious because everyone comments on how BIG my paws are. I guess that means I’m going to be a big strong boy?!

Last month we went to the bike store,e and this month,h I got to see a whole bunch of bikes. It would seem this family likes to bike. I sniffed the bikes while they were parked in the garage. And then I watched Uncle D and my cousins zoom around on the bikes. I think I like bikes. At home, I love being outside. The backyard has changed a lot because there’s no more snow. It was pretty exciting to see and feel grass for the first time. I’ve seen some birds flying around, and they sure talk a lot! I even saw a squirrel running along the fence,e and he seemed like a cool dude,e so we just looked at each other.

Auntie B takes me on a lot of walks. She keeps saying that I lollygag along, but I figure, what’s the rush? I’m happy just to walk along behind her. Auntie B bathed me. I loved trying to lick the water when it was coming out of the tap. The shampooing felt good, but by the time she was rinsing me, – I was done. When it was all done, I got to eat some rewards, and Auntie B tried to use a towel to dry me off, but I had more fun just leaning into her and getting her clothes all wet. Speaking of water – my family keeps telling me I am such a slow drinker. This might be, but you know, sometimes, it’s just great to lie down and have a drink. Worst case, I’ll sit. I quite enjoy lying down around the kitchen while the family cooks or does dishes.

This family told me that I was going to a new home to work with some new amazing people. I know my happy adventure will continue – my family told me I’m ready for it! Be sure to check out all my photos – I have some silly sleeping poses, you can see some of my adventures, and of course, you must check out my cuteness!

Auntie B read me a story – it was really hard not to chew the pages while she was reading. There were some cool images, and I remember the book was written by Dr. Seuss. Auntie B said this is her favourite quote, and she said it was perfect for me:

“OH! THE PLACES YOU’LL GO!” You’ll be on your way up! You’ll be seeing great sights! You’ll join the high fliers Who soar to high heights.”

Submitted by: Auntie B.