Cliff has grown so much in the past month we had to exchange his small cape for a bigger one. His legs are getting bigger and longer so his feet don’t look quite as large anymore. He is a delightful puppy who works really hard at trying to please us. He gets along well with Neo the cat and his best buddy, PADS Slick.

Cliff has been learning to wait for permission before diving headfirst into his food dish. For someone who eats with as much gusto as he does, it’s been difficult to wait but he has triumphed and now sits patiently until he is released to eat. Cliff is a true retriever. He finds and retrieves shoes, tea towels and socks to proudly carry around the house. While this isn’t ideal, it is comical.

Outings this month included grocery stores, libraries, a paint store and restaurants. Cliff is really easy to take out in public because he is so calm and well-behaved. He loves car rides and usually falls asleep once the car begins to move.

Submitted by: Tracey