What a month! I moved out of my mom’s home on March 21. I miss my dog mom, PADS Jazz, and I hope she is enjoying some relaxation after her hard work with my 8 siblings and me. I can’t believe how quiet it is without all my siblings! I do miss their warmth and snuggling with them. Thankfully, my new temporary home with Auntie B has a bed for me, some great toys, and a kennel with the softest blankets. Even with these luxuries, I often like to have my head on the floor.

My whelping mom, “R,” has given me the confidence to explore the world. I do miss her voice! And she had the best mazes to explore. Did you know that when “R” and Auntie B say ‘yes’, it means I’ve done a good job?!

Auntie B hasn’t told me how long I get to stay here – I’m waiting for my flight. This new home is pretty sweet – I have two cousins (11 & 13), Auntie and Uncle D. There are two decks and a backyard, and sometimes there are things that make noises up in the sky. I can’t find them, but I am convinced there must be something up there. I like playing in the yard and am getting braver walking on the snow pile, and I’ve even started putting my nose into the snow in case something is interesting underneath.

My new home has this large, black box on the wall, and it sometimes makes noises and shows things. I was watching the Toronto Blue Jays play, and Uncle D said that he is happy to watch baseball with me anytime. This large black box also shows something my family calls hockey. I’m interested in watching this black box – especially when there are dog noises or clapping. My favourites are NHL hockey and some cooking channels.

I went to the pet store for my first excursion – wow, was it fun! There were so many great smells outside the store, and then there were these magical doors that just opened – I didn’t even have to move out of the way. Who knew? While proudly wearing my PADS training vest, I walked close to Auntie and enjoyed some yummy rewards. One of the store workers asked if they could say hi to me – and boy did she have kind things to say to me. She told me that I was so cute and that I was doing so well. It was amazing.

I’m very tired, and I sleep a lot. And I love eating. The food is so delicious!! I have also been going out to the car for some rides, and for the last two car rides, I’ve been quiet and chilling in my crate. I’ve been in an SUV and a diesel truck, and sometimes I sit in the front passenger wheel well, and other times, I chill out in my crate in the back.

Last weekend I went to see a ball hockey game – there were so many stairs to go down, but I did it. I stayed close to auntie – we were waiting for my cousin to start playing, and I saw some large orange balls bouncing around, and I was a little bit tempted to check those out. And there were squeaks and whistles everywhere. I sat close by Auntie and kept my focus on her. I didn’t even flinch when this loud horn thing sounded at halftime.

Also, last weekend, the whole family drove to a store – apparently, it is one of their favourites. I saw my cousin (11) stand and sit on this machine-like thing with two wheels. Then the machine started moving, and I was told it was a bike. While it looked interesting, I kept my eyes on Auntie.

I also went to a doctor’s office, a pharmacy and even a little deli. It’s pretty fun – everywhere I go – wearing my vest, of course – I always hear whispers, “oh, he’s so cute” and “look at how well-behaved he is.” Auntie told a child that I couldn’t stop to chat because I was busy working.

Today I visited a grocery store – that was fun! They had those magical opening doors again, and auntie got this four-wheeled container thing. I was cool with it, and I followed her throughout the store. I even sat nicely while Auntie paid for her food items.

Auntie told me that in a couple of days, we are going to the hospital for an appointment. I wonder what that will be like; I’m excited.

I overheard my family saying that I get to go to FOUR ball hockey games this weekend. That sounds like so much fun! I suspect my cousins (11 & 13) will be tired after their games, and I know I will also be ‘played’ out!

Submitted by: Auntie B.