Cliff joined us at the beginning of May and has been delighting us ever since. He and PADS Slick have become fast friends, and enjoy keeping each other company. Cliff greeted Neo the cat with a sniff and two quick licks to the face the first time they met, and while they aren’t as tight as Cliff and Slick are, their relationship is amicable.

Cliff spent the month walking around our neighbourhood meeting all the neighbours who were charmed by his winning personality. He has joined me on many outings including the library, my parent’s home, garden centres and Starbucks to meet a friend for coffee. He also made an appearance at the PADS booth at the Doodle Dogs Spring Vendors Market where he met a number of dogs and people, and basked in the attention he received from them. Afterwards, he joined us for a quick stop at Mari Bakeshop and lay quietly under the table at Boogie’s Burgers while we had lunch. He was a big hit at the polling station when I took him with me to vote in Alberta’s provincial election.

People comment on how well-behaved he is everywhere we go. Cliff is a real pleasure to have around our home and a joy to take to places.

Submitted by: Tracey