Cliff spent much of November in quarantine due to a suspected case of kennel cough. Other than the cough, he was his same old self and was probably wondering why we weren’t going anywhere or doing much. This resulted in a lot of excess energy to be expended in other ways. We spent time working on his sit, stand, and down durations as well as perch. He enjoyed these activities immensely because they all involved treats! One day he came out to “help” me rake leaves in the backyard. It was an exercise in one step forward and two steps back, but at least he had a good time.

Once his symptoms resolved and his quarantine ended, I took him to my parents’ home out of town where he spent time running around their much larger yard to burn off some energy. My dad is always happy to take him for a walk, and they went for a long one exploring many new places in town together. 

At the end of the month, he once again donned his cape and accompanied me to puppy class, Canadian Tire, London Drugs, Market Mall and the library. I’m happy to report that all of that downtime had no impact on his exemplary public behaviour. He really loves his caped adventures.

Submitted by: Tracey