Cliff started September by accompanying us to the RCMP Calgary Veterans Golf Tournament in support of PADS. He spent the morning hanging out at the eleventh hole to cheer on the teams of golfers as they tried to make a $10,000 hole-in-one. Cliff was on hand to provide good luck licks to anyone who wanted one. Despite the licks, we did not get to witness someone make the hole, but we had a great time all the same.

Cliff has been working on his sit, stand and down durations, and is showing impressive improvement at home. The distractions at puppy class cause him to forget how good he is at home, but he’s getting better there, too. We’ve been spending the beautiful fall days taking adventure walks and working on recall. These are his favourite outings because there is a little bit of freedom and so much to see and sniff. We’ve also been working on all the different ways to get in and out of the car in preparation for an upcoming trip where he’ll be riding in a taxi to and from the airport. Cliff is working extra hard at trying to understand all of the rules around entering and exiting vehicles.

We had a puppy class field trip at Bass Pro, and he handled all of the exercises brilliantly. The elevator, stairs, bridge and waterfall, second-floor railings and wild animals did not faze him at all. The biggest distractions for him were all of his PADS dog friends. I’m sure he was wondering why they were all there, too.

Submitted by: Tracey