Hi! My name is Dahlia. I am such a lovely girl. I am so eager to learn, my puppy sitter was super impressed with me. She found it very fun and enjoyable to train me as I’m such a hard-working girl! I love to please people and have so much built-up energy in me as I just want to work!

I am still working on my dog distracting and lunging but I feel that I have improved with my puppy sitter! I got to go on daily adventures with my puppy raiser and experience daily fun. I ran around parks and did lots of off-leash training. I was a super good girl! I spent a lot of time at a vet clinic and had great socialization time there. 

I loved getting to run around with my sitter and play lots. I even got to meet the campus canine pups and run around with them at the beach! I did lots of training while at the sitters and had lots of fun. I’m thankful and happy to go back to my raisers though, as I love them! Thanks for the great time sitter

Submitted by: Mellssa, Puppy in Training Sitter