Dash is almost 5 months old! He continues to be an easy-going, good-natured dog that will happily amuse himself. And stay relaxed and sleeps a lot but hops to attention and becomes engaged the minute he’s asked (obviously, he’s aware there’s usually food involved!). This weekend he lost at least two teeth that we saw the obvious holes and found at least one of the teeth. He’s got such a gentle soft mouth. He lets us put our hands in and fish out sticks and other random bits he stealthfully scoops up.

He has found his voice, and though he doesn’t use it much, he seems to save it until we are in a public building. Yesterday he barked twice while waiting at the customer service counter at Canadian Tire. (I’m bored, let’s get moving!) And earlier last week, he barked six separate times throughout a grocery shop in Choices. (All this food and good smells, and you give me the same old treats?! Where’s the sample people?!) Always a bit of a shock from a typically low-key boy! He also was vocal at a visit to my sisters’ condo on Sunday. Upon leaving, we saw two dogs lived in the apartment above. I think he must have sensed them and couldn’t figure out why he wasn’t seeing them!

He only has a few more days that the cute orange collar he came to us wearing is going to fit! Time to move up to a big boy collar.

He loves people and dogs and has very good manners. He rarely jumps up on anyone. But… it’s getting tougher to recall him from them than it used to be. He’s getting signs of more teenager, independent thinking! He doesn’t come on the first call as he always has before.

With the warmer weather, he has loved laying on the grass and soaking up the sun.

Submitted by: Lisa Williams