Dash II barely batted an eye and settled in right away in his dorm room. He has become best friends with our resident brindle, Storm. Dash and Storm spend lots of time cuddling and playing together in the yard. In their kennel, Dash has claimed the bottom bunk, and Storm gets the top bunk when they aren’t having a cuddle. Their first few weeks were quite easygoing. We didn’t do much besides basic obedience, settling time in the training center with his handlers and play breaks in the yard. Dash has settled into the school routine really well and gets along well with everybody, dog or human. He is very handsome, and everyone isn’t shy to tell him. He shows off his pretty coat, and his advanced sitters are delighted that Dash’s fur matches their hardwood floors.

 Dash has been doing really with adjusting to his new environment and working with the Advanced Training team. He’s a fast learner and a gentle giant. Dash is very enthusiastic about getting going with his training and shows a willingness to learn skills. Dash loves doing paw targets and has fun learning all the other new skills. Dash is so excited to work and learn! He isn’t used to waiting his turn and working very hard on his patience! Everyone, staff and volunteers, love to work with him. He is very bright and a joy to be around. A quirk that we are working on is loose leash walking. Dash has shown he’s ready to learn and willing to try his best to walk beside his handlers and not behind them.

Thanks, everyone, for all your love and hard work with Dash!

Submitted by: Advanced Training Department