Hi! Dash here! What a big month February was for me!

I left my siblings and mom, and auntie to live with my raiser family. I settled in and adapted beautifully! I love to sleep, and I have slept through the night since the second night in my new home. Raisers are so thankful! My manners are so good for being so little. My breeder caretaker taught me well, I’m told. I am great at kennelling and have offered a beautiful sit from the minute I got here.

I play well with others and love getting together with other PADS dogs. I’m told I learn very quickly. I am good at perch and keep my paws on while I move my rear end around. I have a soft mouth which makes my raisers happy since they feed me almost all my food by hand. I am great at “better go” on leash, but I sometimes still just stop and pee on the floor in the house… oops! I’m told I’ll outgrow that! I had one day that I was sick, but I recovered quickly! Phew!

I like wearing my PADS jacket, but boy, do I get A LOT of attention when I go out in public! People think I’m so cute and fuzzy! I’m told I’m very chill, good-natured, low-key and relaxed.

Submitted by: Lisa Williams