The most exciting thing that happened in June for Dash is we had to take him to Mountainside Animal Hospital to be checked out after he brought the remains of a dead rat into the house! It was like he had to show me this exciting find he’d made as he dropped it in the kitchen floor behind me and then sat at waited for me to look. After a quick call to the PADS medical we took him in to get checked out in case the rat had eaten poison or was diseased. They checked him out and watched him for a bit then fed him activated charcoal. The only side effect was solid black poops the next day!

The end of June we decided to try having Dash ride in the cargo space of our SUV. He has always been excellent at riding in the passenger foot well. He loves it back there as he likes to look out the windows. The great thing is he still will go into the passenger footwell when told.

He’s a sweet gentle happy dog!

Submitted by: Lisa Williams