DeeDee had a fun time playing with her new friend Mercedes! DeeDee set off to her sitters on her first day to get spayed and recover in a lovely cozy home. Her sitter couldn’t be more delighted with DeeDee. Her sitter says she is SO well-behaved and perfectly listens to all her commands. Her sitter noted that DeeDee wasn’t trying to get at her spay stitches and is healing well! 

DeeDee is such a chill girl! She made fast friends with everyone. In the short time DeeDee was in the kennel; she provided calm energy to everyone. After a few days of settling in the kennel, DeeDee has shown us she absolutely loves her new best friend Charm. While on a settle station next to each other, Charm made her way to DeeDee’s bed, where they cuddled for a while. 

During this round of turn-ins, Ashley did hearing candidate assessments for potential candidates. DeeDee was one of those dogs selected to try it. Although she can be very calm and reserved, she came alive and showed her spunk with sound work. She was very enthusiastic and excited to move between sounds and handler. She readily took to the concepts, and we’re excited to continue to explore this career option for her! To accommodate string size limitations and to want to keep a good thing going, DeeDee will be a dog who does part-time long-term sitting and part-time on-site training with Ashley.

Thank you for all your support of Advanced Dog DeeDee!

Advanced training location: West Coast 

Submitted by: Jade, Kennel Coordinator