The month of June has been a whirlwind. After a couple of days of enjoying the start of June and some of the nicer weather it brought, DeeDee made her first trip to Ontario, flying with us to visit family in friends in Hamilton. We were very well taken care of by the fine folks at WestJet – DeeDee was given her own seat and boarding pass, flying with us in the cabin, but she did have to stay under the seat, meaning we had to keep the whole row to ourselves. DeeDee was a champ on the flight, making it through the 3-hour airport wait and 5-hour flight without any issues, gaining a handful of admirers in the process. 

Once home, DeeDee got to spend the next 3 weeks with our family dogs, enjoying an unusually beautiful weather period with lots of hiking and exploring unfamiliar territory. The return trip was equally uneventful, and we’re now getting settled back into our usual routine and looking forward to an exciting summer!

Submitted by: Matt & Aubrey