Well Denim has had an exciting November. First we heard that he was going to be neutered and much of November was either getting him prepared with tests, etc. or keeping him safe after the procedure. It was very sad to see Denim whimpering so much after the procedure; it was completely out of character for him and he needed good TLC for a couple of days. Thankfully the soft “cones” were really appreciated by Denim as he was dissuaded from licking his stitches and was protected from bumping into walls and things in the house. He healed up well and after a couple of weeks we were able to continue with his favourite walks in Bert Flynn Park and Mundy Park.

Denim continues to enjoy learning and is very eager and attentive when we do the training. In the past month he has almost mastered “over”! Sometimes getting confused with “down” as we normally did a sit, down, over pattern and he tried to skip a step. Though he did get and and would stare intently from his side waiting for the “release” command and then, like always, he would race – full speed – to us for his reward.

This past Thursday I took Denim to the office to say goodbye to the folks there. A few drove in from their home office to be with Denim and gave him a new stuffy and some treats; he was a wonderful presence in our office and much enjoyed by all.

Denim’s a lovely dog with great personality and is very gentle – unless he is running hard for something. I think he has the potential to be a wonderful service dog!

Submitted by: Darrell Burnham