The humans had to deal with all this strange stuff around COVID-19 again this month, but it seems like things are starting to settle into a routine more now.

I still don’t get to see my friends yet and I still only ever wear my “In Training” cape at home.  But I do lots of training and get to play fun new games at home.

I also got to go stay with some of my favourite humans (other than my regular human) a couple times this month… PADS sitters!


One of them has a big back yard (which I don’t have because my human lives in something called a condo) so I got to run around off-leash for the first time in ages.  It was so much fun! Then I stayed with a couple where one of them is a professional photographer and I got to test out my supermodel skills.  I think I did a pretty good job.

Virtual puppy class isn’t as exciting as regular puppy class, but I’m still learning lots. I’ve been working on my “perch”, being more precise with my “touch”, I’m still a pro at “bed” and I keep showing my human that I make good choices where food is concerned.  Every day I practice my loose-leash walking while my human gets some fresh air and exercise.  At the end of the day, I LOVE TO TRAIN no matter where it’s happening, so I don’t mind this virtual stuff as long as the kibble is never virtual!

Submitted By: Tessa Matsuzaki