August was a very important month for me! I did the GDBART (Guide Dog Behavioural Response Assessment Test) this month. All my fellow Assistance Dogs International puppies in-training do it at their schools too. They call it a “test,” but REALLY, what’s happening is I go talk to the wonderful trainers at PADS and tell them all about my personal likes, dislikes, things that get me excited and things maybe not so much.

Basically, I get to tell them what kinds of things I wanna do with the rest of my life! And you know what’s the best part of all? I get to decide! Isn’t that just the coolest? Then I got to see my super-duper class instructor Dana and my human, and I showed her what I’ve learned skills-wise so far (it was way more of a test for my human than me, hahaha).

I also got to spend some time with sitters, went for trail walks with friends, and went for a picnic in the park. PHEW!!! What a month!

Submitted by: Tessa Matsuzaki