HAPPY PAWLIDAYS, EVERYONE! Even though it was a lot quieter than last year, there was still plenty of festive cheer this month. I got some really cool gifts too! A lot of humans have been complaining about being shut in a lot during 2020. Now I really understand what they’ve been talking about… I hurt one of my toes, and I wasn’t allowed to go for walks for two whole weeks! My human kept me occupied indoors with lots of quiet games and puzzles and stuff, so it wasn’t SO BAD. And I’m healing well, so it’s nothing to worry about.

Because of the holidays, we only had a couple of classes this month. Still, we worked really hard on being confident, patient and accurate when putting on our capes. When I’m in my “uniform,” I’m getting great practice for being an official working dog one day.

Submitted by: Tessa