I turned one year old on New Year’s Day! Can you believe it? I had a party and invited human and puppy friends, so it was a great way to start off 2020! Not long after that, a bunch of cold white stuff called snow fell all over the place. I was born in California, so I’d never experienced it before and it was both challenging and super fun. We had a homework assignment to go for a walk in the snow and stay cool and calm (like the snow). It wasn’t easy, but once I realized that if I paid more attention to my human than the snow that I’d get treats, and it got to be a lot more fun! I also started going with some of my PADS friends to a place called E-Comm, the place where they take all the calls when people dial 911. We go there on Mondays and visit with them because they have super stressful jobs – some tail wags and scritches help make their day a little less stressful, we hope.

In class, I’m working really hard on staying in position when I’m asked to do stuff like sit or lie down or stand up. The humans call it “duration”. It’s not easy for me to stay still because I love doing skills so much that I want to move onto the next thing! I’m learning that just staying put is really hard work, but that if I can do it, I’ll get some pretty tasty rewards.

Submitted By: Tessa Matsuzaki