July was such a fun month! It started out with me turning 18 months old on Canada Day. My human finds it hard to believe that I’m already a year and a half old, but I think I look very grown-up and distinguished. 

Mostly July meant that it was time for summer fun! A bunch of my fellow mister Blake 8 Star Promise Litter pups and I (as well as some other friends too) had a beach party where we ran around and got super muddy together! I also got to go camping on the Sunshine Coast with some of my favourite puppy sitters. We went to the beach, we hiked, and I supervised while they did a cider tasting. So many adventures!

In class, this month has been more about my human learning stuff than me. I’ve been helping my human with her dog handling skills. She’s learning stuff like where the right zone is to give me rewards, how to hold the leash properly, and how to properly get me back into position if I’m not in the right spot. I think I’m a pretty fabulous assistant, if I do say so myself.

Submitted by: Tessa Matsuzaki