March was full of adventure for me. For the first half of the month I got to stay with some of my favourite PADS Puppy Sitters because my human went away to somewhere I couldn’t go. I love staying with sitters because I get to train with new people, stay in a new house, and play with different toys! According to our trainers, that’s really good for us as service dogs in-training. It is important for us to be comfortable in all kinds of different environments.

When my human came back, things didn’t go back to “usual”, though. Very shortly after she came home, we had to start doing something called “self-isolation” because of the COVID-19 virus (which thankfully doesn’t hurt us pups). I’ve been learning to stick around indoors a lot more than usual and now our puppy classes are virtual! I miss seeing all of my classmates and puppy friends, but I also know that it’s very important to the humans that we do this for now. Even though things are a little strange, I’m still doing a lot of training, which I love! I may not get to go for walks in the forest with my friends, but I’m getting to have fun with indoor activities like eating from my snuffle mat, playing “find it”, and doing other enrichment activities.

Submitted By: Tessa Matsuzaki