March was a big month for me because I got the news that I will be moving on to my next adventure as a PADS puppy in training… I’m heading to Advanced Training! My puppy class instructor called my human and told her the good news, but I won’t actually be starting until April 12. So I spent the month honing my skills and spending really a lot of time snuggling with my puppy-raiser human.

Luckily, I got to stick around long enough that I got to go on a last vacation nearby and do lots of running around on the beach and hiking and sniffing in the forest.

I’m going to miss all my puppy class friends and especially my puppy class instructor, Dana! This is the last pupdate I’m making myself (you’ll get pupdates from my advanced trainers from now on). So thanks for following along on my puppy-raising journey these last couple of years!

Submitted by: Tessa Matsuzaki