My human got to “expand her bubble” a bit in May, which for me, meant that I finally got to have play time with some friends! Even though the humans still have to keep their distance, we pups were allowed to let loose and have some fun together! I also got to spend some time with some of my human PADS Puppy Sitter friends, which is always fun.

The world of virtual puppy classes has continued. But my human and I are managing to make it work! I’ve been working hard on on all my homework assignments and this month, I learned that when I hear a doorbell, I should go and lie down on my bed. I get lots of kibbles when I do it right, so it was a pretty fun thing to learn! I’m also learning to rest my chin on the floor, which may not sound like much but is actually a foundation step for a lot of really important therapeutic skills that I might need to learn in the future.

Submitted By: Tessa Matsuzaki