For most of February, Derby and I have been taking it easy. When we didn’t have the cold snap, we were working on staying focused around difficult smells. During the cold snap, though, we spend a lot of time in her vest and walking around malls. This was good for Derby because we usually don’t spend as much time putting what we have practiced into reality. She also came on a few important outings with me. Together we went to see my eye doctor. She waited in a down patiently until it was time to go. Derby also went out for a dinner with me. Once again, she stayed perfectly in a down and fell asleep until I was done.

We have been working on moving her body around objects, like table legs, pylons, and light posts (when we go out). We have also been working on lick and click, which is something we have done in class. Derby is a smart dog, and it doesn’t take her very long to grasp a concept!

Submitted By: Chelsea Kovacs