Hello, it’s Derby here and wow did I have a great July!

My summer month was action packed with many adventures! I enjoyed long walks and lots of water sports in beautiful British Columbia in the Columbia Valley. Paddle boarding was very relaxing and always fun. When people saw us paddle by they always made me feel special because I was so well behaved while boarding! They often asked if I could give their own dog lessons! When we were out on the motorboat, I liked watching the kids wake surf and when we stopped for a swim, I was right there with everyone getting wet.

My sitter family also raises Piper III, she’s young and very energetic so she kept me entertained and busy playing. I’ve played a big part in teaching her good manners. Piper wants to play with me all the time, she’s fun to have around.

I went golfing a few times, met lots of other dogs and people, I particularly enjoyed meeting baby twin boys who liked trying to touch me all the time. I saw lots of other little friends including, does, fawns, squirrels, chipmunks, bunnies and wild turkeys – while they were always interesting to look at, I never bothered to get close or chase them.

Enjoy the rest of your summer, I know I will! Take care, Derby.

Submitted by: Bev Kovacs